Right bank nature route of the river Fluvià

Distance: 3,2 km

On foot and by bicycle

Not Circular

Difficulty: easy

Starting point: Tourist Office (Sant Pere Pescador)

The route starts at the tourist office on the right bank of the river Fluvià. Here you will find a parking area and a picnic and play area for children with a perfect view of the bell tower of Sant Pere and the river.  The nature route along the right bank of the river Fluvià is an area of outstanding natural and scenic beauty, where there are one after another cultivated areas of fruit orchards and areas of indigenous vegetation along the banks of the river itself.  The entire area is included within the limits of the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà nature reserve.   

On Caramany Island, one of the integral reserves of the nature reserve we can see a large number of birds, such as mallards, moorhens, egrets and grey herons. The route reaches the sea where we can see a change in vegetation with rushes, salicornias, tamarisks and small temporary lagoons.

The route takes an hour and a half on foot, but can also be done by bicycle.  The route is signposted and has viewpoints where you can stop to rest and enjoy the landscape and nature.


In the summer bring your swimwear and enjoy Sant Pere Pescador's unspoilt beach, with its system of coastal and continental dunes of great natural interest.

Visit the old town of Sant Pere Pescador, the Main Square and the church dedicated to Saint Peter built in 1682.

  Enjoy a trip along the river Fluvià by kayak, discover the typical flora and fauna of the riverbank forest in your own time and in harmony with nature.

At the beginning of the route there is a leisure and picnic area where you can rest and eat in shaded or sunny spaces.