Sant Pere is nature

"Mig de dos Rius" Reserve itinerary

Distance: 2,39 km

On foot and by bicycle

Not Circular

Difficulty: easy

Starting point: Mig de dos Rius Reserve Park (Sant Pere Pescador)

The route starts at the Mig de dos Rius (between two rivers) reserve with a carpark and an area with wooden tables and benches. The space forms part of the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Nature Park, a wildlife refuge.

The Mig de dos Rius reserve is a space where you can enjoy watching nature, where the water from the river Fluvià is ubiquitous and it accompanies the visitor until it meets the Mediterranean. Its surface includes riverbank forest, reedbeds and meadow.  The space is located next to the Caramany Island Integral Nature Reserve, on the left bank of the river Fluvià at 1,5 km from the mouth. 

Along this route is the Camí de la Llúdriga (Otter's Path), a project which started in 1995 with the goal of reintroducing the otter to the nature reserve. This animal has gradually been reintroduced, which is a sign that the river ecosystem is now in good condition. 

This continuously winding path enters the thickest vegetation with a unique view of the Fluvià river.  If we remain still and quiet we will be able to see some of the indigenous fauna, such as ducks, cormorans and lots of other birds. The best and easiest time to observe and hear the birds is first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon.  

A wooden walkway leads us to the end of the route. The route goes past the La Llissa pier, the Fluvià Sailing Club and the Bocana mouth until it reaches the sea.


Visit the Sant Sebastià Chapel, located very near the beginning of the route. The chapel was erected to implore help from Saint Sebastian to protect it from epidemics and infections. 

If you continue along the route you will reach the sea, from where you  can enjoy unbeatable views of the Bay of Roses, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.  

Make the most of the Mig de dos Rius recreation area to enjoy a meal outdoors with family and friends.