Itinerary of well-being and silence


“Les Goles del Fluvià” Wellness and Silence Itinerary

Distance: 1,4 km

On foot

Not circular

Difficulty: easy

Approximate duration including all the activities: 1hr30min

Starting point: Cortal Mas Martinet - Mas del Mar (Sant Pere Pescador)

The Wellness and Silence Itineraries are signposted paths which go through natural spaces.  The Wellness and Silence Itinerary  “Les Goles del Fluvià” is a signposted route which runs through the natural space of the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Nature Park. The starting point is very near the old Cortal de Can Martinet farmhouse.

The route recommends various activities located at different points along the way, which encourage you to perform simple sensorial practices in meditation, mindfulness, yoga, conscious breathing, introspection, creativity and reflexion.

This route is a signposted one designed so you can do it by yourself following the instructions you will find on the signs along the route. It can be done alone or accompanied and the goal is to reach a state of relaxation and communion with oneself and with nature.  The route is not circular and it ends by the sea.


If you are travelling by car, use the car park on Can Martinet beach, it will be more convenient for you when you finish the walk.

We recommend you bring a scarf, it will be useful for one of the proposed activities of this route: Walking with your eyes closed generates very interesting feelings.

Bring swimwear and enjoy Sant Pere Pescador's shallow dune and fine sand beach.

When you have finished your route, visit El Cortalet, the nature reserve information centre. Explore the refuge, home to more than 300 species of birds via signposted routes, viewpoints and observation towers offered by the park.