Llúdriga Route (The Otter Route - Reserve between twho rivers)

Distance: 6.65 km
Difficulty: hard

Hard - 6,65 km

The tour begins on the gravel road located at the crossroads of Carrer del Joncar and the path of the same name. After following the River Fluvia for a few minutes, we reach a park with an area furnished with wooden tables and benches, where we take the route Reserva Mig de Dos Rius, an area included within the Aiguamolls Natural Park, which is also a wildlife refuge.

The Reserva Mig de Dos Rius is a space where you can enjoy watching nature, where the water of the River Fluvia is the main feature and follows the visitors until it reaches the Mediterranean. This area includes riverside forest, meadow and reed banks. The area is located right next to the Integrated Nature Reserve of the Caramany Island, to the left of the River Fluvia and at 1.5 km from the mouth of the river.

This is probably the most charming of all routes. A winding path, which goes through thick vegetation, forests, plants and flowers; and which, from time to time, opens out to give us unrivalled views of the River Fluvia. A wooden walkway leads us to the end of the route. It follows the La Llissa Jetty, el Fluvià Nàutic (sailing club) and La Bocana (entrance). We finally set off on the Serrada road to get back to the starting point.

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